Hi! My name is Dave. About ten years ago I saw some people rappelling off of a building in downtown Austin. I walked up to one of the coordinators and asked them "how much does that cost?" They looked at me like I had "moron" printed across my forehead. They were professional climbers and were there to do a promotion event. I was not. I was just a regular dude embarrassing the hell out of my kids and making my wife wonder if my life insurance was up to date. 

Fast forward 10 years... still not a professional climber. Still a moron. But finally I have a chance to live my best life, even if it means crying on the side of a building and holding onto a rope for dear life. I'm scared of heights so really, how bad can it be?

Please donate. For Make a Wish! and to see a grown man realize he's made a terrible mistake.

I hope you can help me reach my goal and help make a difference in the lives of children who need it most!

For more information on Over The Edge, be sure to visit: www.AustinOverTheEdge.com