COVID- 19 Update

Make-A-Wish is working closely with Over the Edge to develop a detailed plan to execute the event safely should group gatherings and social distancing restrictions remain in place.  

Some examples and measures to be taken include: 

Group of 10 people or less in one location

ENTRANCE: Area to hand sanitize and distribute masks and disposable gloves will be required.

SIGNAGE: Additional signage will be placed at various locations throughout the participant route restricting access and reminding participants to not touch their face.

REGISTRATION: Limited number of participants and volunteers spaced 6ft. apart. Temperature taken via contactless thermometer. Anyone over 99.9 will not be permitted to continue. This will be for staff, volunteers, and participants.

SANITATION: Pens, sharpies, thermometer will be sprayed or wiped down with anti-bacterial products after each use. Sanitizing product will have a minimum 60% alcohol content.

GUIDES: Will take participants from registration to the elevators. Guide will press button but will not enter the elevator. Another guide will be waiting upstairs for the elevator to direct the participants to either a holding room or directly to staging.

HOLDING AREA 1: Overflow room only used if staging gets backed up.

OTE STAFF AND ROPE VOLUNTEERS: All OTE Staff and Rope Volunteers will always be wearing masks, gloves and/or shields no matter what the State/Provincial guidelines are.

STAGING: Guides will not enter staging. A Rope Volunteer will meet participants at the door. Hand sanitizer and a pair of disposable gloves will be required upon entry. OTE Staff and volunteers will be close to participants and will have to touch them while securing gear.

HOLDING AREA 2: Overflow room only used if training gets backed up.

TRAINING: Participants will be spaced 6ft. apart. Once training is complete, they will move to the "on-deck" floor markers to wait for their rappel. OTE Staff and volunteers will be close to participants and may have to touch them during training.

EXCLUSION ZONE: Rope Volunteers will need to help participants as they get closer to the ground and will be in contact with each participant.

PERSONAL ITEM PICK UP: Make-A-Wish staff or volunteer will redistribute zip-loc bags of participants droppable personal items in an exclusion zone. This will eliminate the need for them to return to Registration.

GEAR RETURN: Participants will quickly return all gear to staging and a designated Rope Volunteer will disinfect the hard gear and place it back into rotation. Gear will not be mixed with cleaned gear, until it is disinfected to the best of our ability in a separate section of the staging room.

MEDIA: If media will be on site on Event Day, they will account for 3 rappel spots. This is to help limit the amount of people on the roof. Media will go through the same safety measures as participants, staff, and volunteers.

SANITATION: Registration, Staging, Training, the Main Rappel area, and the Exclusion Zone will have hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes.

STAGING: Rappelling equiptment and helmets will be sprayed with anti-bacteria spray after each use. Radios will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes after each use before going back into rotation.

TRAINING: Rappelling Equiptment will be sprayed or wiped down between participants.

 We look forward to a safe event that will be an even more unique experience for our participants.